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Annual General Meeting 2nd November 2013

The 2013 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at 10.30am at End Room Brisbane Square Library in George Street Brisbane Qld.

Formal proceedings were followed by an outstaning lunch of Lebanese food prepared by our Queensland members. Then our colleague David Joseph presented an historical performance titled Threads of Identity. David's presentation proved to be an exciting new way of prentinging history. Using biographical sketches of his grandfathers, he shows the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia and Australian history in general in a new light.

You can watch a version of David's presentation on YouTube

Brisbane Square Library, George Street

NEW BOOK Here to Stay: Lebanese in Toowoomba and South West Queensland

Purchase a copy of the Society's latest publication Here to Stay: Lebanese in Toowoomba and South West Queensland (edited by Anne Monsour), Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2012, ISBN 9780958191241, paperback, 201 pages, index, illustrated.

Great Value at just $20 plus postage of $5.00. Copies of Here to Stay will be available for sale at all Society events, or you can order a copy by post or online.
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Hanna Family business van from Toowoomba
This exciting new work explores the history of the Lebanese community who settled in and around the Queensland city of Toowoomba. Many Lebanese immigrants had settled in the area from the late 19th century and interviews with their 2nd and 3rd generation descenants show their deep attachment to the place their parents and grandparents chose to settle. The "Lebanese" are a significant presence in the area to which they have made a major contribution.

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Feedback: The Society is always in interested in the views of those with an interest in the history of the Lebanese in Australia. Is there an aspect of the history that should be highlighted? Is there a contribution you would like to make? We'd love to hear from you.

Online Exhibition of historic photographs sponsored by State Records NSW.

Read a range of full-text history articles for an overview of the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia.

The Society aims to encourage scholarship in the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia by research, publications and regular events and meetings for members. See the Objectives section of the Constitution for more details.

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